9 Key Tips to reach more customers with email marketing


We all encounter email marketing on a regular basis. It’s as prolific as it can be persuasive.

But remember, a carefully planned, stand-out email campaign is arguably the most cost-effective marketing you can undertake (scroll down for the evidence).

It’s inexpensive to create, easy to issue, and gives you a unique opportunity to speak directly with existing or potential customers.

Your job when creating content is to engage with them and guide them on a journey. A journey of your choosing.

With the UK boasting the largest number of digital buyers in 2023, what more incentive do you need to develop a strong digital strategy?

We’ve collated 9 key email marketing tips to help you get even more from your marketing:

1. Be concise

No-one has time to read War and Peace in their inbox. To get your message read, avoid unnecessary preamble. Use short words… short sentences… and short paragraphs.

Email platform provider Litmus found that people typically spend just 9 seconds reading brand emails.

Make those seconds count.

2. Think about the hook

An enticing subject line is a fantastic way to ensure your emails get opened (47% of users open an email based on it). Ask yourself what might engage your target audience. What problems can you solve? How can you improve their life? Then base your subject line on that.

(Note: we’ll be doing more on this in a future blog, so be sure to check back.)

Start with the good stuff!

70% of people open their emails looking for deals and bargains, so put the important stuff at the top of your message. Studies show the lower it goes, the less chance it will get read.

3. Who’s reading it?

The more personal you make your message the better. Knowing who’s reading it should inform what you write, your tone of voice and layout. With 2 out of 3 people likely to view it on a phone or tablet, make sure your message is optimised for mobile.

4. Start with a warm welcome

First impressions are everything. Why not make your readers feel special with an automated warm welcome email? They have the highest open rate at 50% and go a long way in cementing your relationship.

Including an offer, a discount code, or some genuinely useful content also helps in endorsing their decision to sign up.

5. When’s good for you?

Consider when you schedule emails. If it’s work related, people are unlikely to read it at the weekend (and by the following week it’s swamped).

A/B test your send times over a few emails to identify the best time to catch your audience at its most receptive.

6. Be creative and consistent

People enjoy something fresh, so get creative with your designs and layouts and keep them coming at regular intervals, while maintaining what makes your brand identifiable.

Tip: resize and compress your images so they open faster (Every second counts, remember‽)

7. Start with a clear call to action

Work towards what you really want: some kind of (re)action on the part of the reader. Make sure links are highly visible and in sufficient clear space to make sure they can be easily tapped.

8. Cooperate with your website

Chances are you’ll be pushing prospects towards your website so set up a clearly designed landing page that matches the design and language of your email. This not only reassures them they’ve come to the right place but helps reinforce your brand image with them.

9. Made to measure

If madness is defined as doing the same thing repeatedly and hoping for a different outcome, then success is achieved by measuring what you are doing and changing things constantly.

Taking a data-driven approach to evaluate your layouts, tone and content (as well as timing) is a sure-fire way to succeed.

Finally, as promised: the evidence for making even more of your email marketing:

  1. According to Statistica, there are projected to be an estimated 4.73 billion email users by 2026.
  2. Email marketing revenue worldwide is expected to reach $17.9 billion by 2027.
  3. 84.3% of email users check their inbox every single day, with 58% checking that before anything else.
  4. Email marketing has an overall ROI of 3,200% – 4,500%
  5. Automated emails can generate 320% more revenue than emails that are not automated.

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