Campaigning for Pawsitive Progress in the workplace

By the animals at JKC Creative Marketing

Recently, some of the more ‘overlooked’ members of the JKC Creative Marketing team banded together to campaign for pawsitive changes in our workplace. We called this initiative the ‘PAWS’ campaign… We’ll explain all below!

(Gratefully we’ve managed to convince management to let us pen this blog… They also made us put this in here, to show that they ARE inclusive…)

PAWS, or Positive Adaptation to Workplace Settings was founded by the more fur inclined members at JKC Creative Marketing, namely Bara, Bow, Loki and our latest recruit, Nala. The goal of the campaign is simple: create a more inclusive workplace for four- legged friends and provide us with all the necessities we ask for (whenever we ask for it).

So, what does a more inclusive workplace look like for those of us with four legs? Well for a start, we would like to receive a pay rise. A couple of biscuits a day is grossly inaccurate for our skills, especially when those with two legs end up with as many biscuits as John can carry!

Other than the biscuits, which to be fair, are a big part of this campaign, we also want to receive mandatory back scratches on demand. Bow is currently writing up a full manifesto for the campaign, but we’ve had some disagreements on the food types!

That’s not all! As part of the growing campaign, we want to have more soft beds available in the office, preferably one in each corner of each room, just to be sure; but we’re willing to negotiate on this one. The PAWS campaign also wants to work closer with clients, and even start writing for them, but management seems to think people will be “weirded out” by animals writing press releases… Who’s to say we haven’t already!

So, if you’re starting to agree with what we’re saying, then it sounds like you could be a worthwhile member of the PAWS campaign. Whether you’ve got four legs or not, we’ll welcome any and all support.

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