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  • FLTA:

    "JKC plays an integral role in our team. Whether that’s raising awareness of the FLTA in the industry or delivering high calibre events."
  • CFTS:

    "JKC really understands the forklift industry, which is why we were keen to work with them from the outset."
  • F-TEC:

    "JKC’s strategic guidance, talent, and connections have been instrumental in establishing F-TEC as the industry’s training body for fork lift technicians."
  • Mentor Training:

    "The team at JKC is great to work with. They are proactive and deliver pitch-perfect PR."
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Words matter. We'll help you choose the right ones.

Tone… audience… purpose… context… There are so many elements involved in getting your copy just right.

But having the right message is only scratching the surface. At JKC, we like to get deep under the ‘skin’ of your business, your customers and your products (however technical) so we can tell the people who matter just what makes you so special.

JKC is an agency built upon great copywriting. Whether it's for an advertisement or press release, a compelling speech, a website or a tweet, finding exactly the right words for the job can make all the difference. That's what we do.


One size does not fit all.

Before we plan your digital "how", we make sure we work out "why".

Yes, we can help you with websites, blogging, flash animations and tweets. But first we want to understand your aims.

We've created everything from attention-grabbing microsites to a fully integrated, multi-lingual network of more than fifty websites driven by a single, powerful content management database… We manage successful Facebook and Twitter campaigns and develop the content to feed them.

When you have a repertoire that broad, it gives you a lot of freedom to work out what's actually going to deliver.

And because we understand marketing, not just digital, we can take a great overview of how all your activities work together to get the job done...

Public Relations

It’s all about the quality…

Press Relations is all about the quality of the thinking. Why exactly are we writing the story? Who are we seeking to influence? What motivates them? How do we want them to feel? Where do they go next?

It’s about relevant and engaging stories, beautifully written, that journalists love to use. It’s about forging long-term relationships with those editors who really matter and making sure you benefit from that mutual respect.

We are really, really good at spotting an exciting story in your business - the angle that turns an editor’s head (and reader’s), then writing it in a way that captures the imagination, and inspires the desired response.

If you’re turning to us because things have become more turbulent, we’ll help you navigate a smoother course… managing the crisis and providing the media training necessary to tame the fiercest interrogator!

Lead Generation

Are you sitting on your best asset?

It’s amazing how many companies spend thousands looking for new sales leads, while their data gathers dust.

You've defined your target audience - their job title, their industry, maybe their location - and you strive to reach them. Meanwhile on your desk there's a big list of people who answer exactly that description. Many have already been in touch, and know what a great service you provide. But nobody's talking to them…

Worse still, while the list is just sitting there, the data's getting old. People are moving. Addresses are changing. You're losing them.

There are so many ways we can make your data work for you and we’d be happy to explain how – with no cost or commitment. Just give us a call.


Great copy plus great design. That's powerful.

When talented copywriters and designers come together and share a vision, magic happens.

Suddenly, the words aren't just filling gaps in the pictures. And the design isn't just making the copy look good. The two disciplines work in harmony to communicate a concept - and the power is multiplied, captivating the mind and inspiring action.

That's why - whether you need a website or an e-shot, an advertisement or a brochure our copywriters and design team will work hand-in-hand to define the something that not only stands out but sells.

The results are engaging, absorbing and, above all, effective.


From the big idea to every perfect detail, JKC events work.

Sometimes, there's no substitute for the immediacy and impact of a live event.

Whether it’s a glitzy awards ceremony, a multi-language international distributor conference, a simple press briefing or a motivational product launch, JKC can deliver truly memorable, effective and cleverly conceived live shows.

We start by taking the time to understand the objectives and what you are trying to achieve. Only then do we embark on the vision that will bring it all to life – delivering something special. On budget and without fuss.


Decades of marketing insight.

Our promise to you: work with JKC and we'll never stop striving to improve your marketing.

We can't help ourselves; it's just ingrained. Whatever our current achievements we’re already thinking “What's the next big idea? How can we do this better? How does this fulfil the bigger objectives? Are there ways to add even more value? Have we joined up all the dots…”

You see, between us we have decades of insight, experience and ideas. A potent mix of wise old heads and cutting-edge new talent. And a work ethos that drives us to do the very best job, deliver every possible decibel of bang for your buck.

After all, we've taken the time to know your business, but still have an outsider's perspective. What better position to give some really valuable advice... or to spot that one nugget of gold that makes a good campaign great.

Dealer Development

New markets: what's stopping you?

JKC has a long history of inspiring sales networks to exceed expectations: both in the UK and across the globe.

Whether it's orchestrating a pan-European branding programme, creating localised resources or organising a motivational conference or launch event, we can help ensure your dealers and distributors are informed, equipped and set-up to sell.

We’ve developed the art of communicating a common vision in a way that makes perfect sense for each individual representative in each individual territory. Because their success is your success.

Part of that communication is speaking the language and doing it like a local - especially when it comes to technical jargon.

If you're selling overseas (or if you're overseas and want to sell in the UK), give JKC a call. You’ll find we speak your language.

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