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You know your business is great… but too many potential customers don’t.
Not yet.
And that’s where we come in. We can translate who you are and what you do into clear, consistent and memorable messages. Turning potential into profit.
We’ve done it for more than 40 years. We’re doing it now, with businesses, institutions, and international corporations.
And we want to do it with you.
We’re JKC, and we mean business.
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Whether you need help with the words and pictures, you don't know where to start with campaign planning, you have a big flashy event in the works, or all those things and more…
We're here to lend a hand.
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Launching a new product? Expanding overseas (or underseas)? Wanting more business from your existing customers? Social media not working for you?

We can help.

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Is your budget achieving all it could? Is your current agency doing everything they can? Why not take advantage of our free marketing health check. All you have to lose is a little of your time.

… when you sell sausages you don’t just hang around waiting for people to want sausage, you go out there and make them hungry. And you put mustard on ‘em.
CMOT Dibbler

Moving Pictures — Terry Pratchett

Hotdog & Mustard
Tell us about your new project:

    JKC helped us to pivot our business and transform our output, helping us to launch digital and online line products that we would never have thought of. Not only did they supply ideas and creative content but they were able to then underpin our endeavours with PR, social media, trailers and promotion to ensure our success in a brand new area — they are the whole package and I’m so grateful to the team!
    — Rebecca Mordan, Scary Little Girls