Dave Chong

Video camera
Ask An Expert: Video
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For our occasional Ask An Expert series, we’re on to video. As JKC’s resident camera-haver, I thought it’d be useful to sit down and ask myself the important questions about video and its place in marketing — particular with SEO. Luckily, I remembered to transcribe it all, otherwise this would...
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B2B blogging
B2B Blogging Basics
Look, just between us, we both know you haven’t got time to write blogs. At least not regularly. You might have a killer idea to share. Perhaps some diamond-grade advice. Or you're putting voice to righteous indignation about industry events. In an ideal world you’d turn to the professionals (hint,...
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The semicolon — nobody’s favourite punctuation
This time out, Dave’s taking a look at a misunderstood part of the copywriter’s toolbox, and never quite manages to stick with a single comparison. The semicolon is a strange, arcane beast, trapped in a cursed half-life between the planes of pause and period. But in many ways it’s like...
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