Not everyone has time to write; not everyone wants to write.
But you still have endless pieces of marketing content you need words for. And you need them to have a clear, concise, compelling message.
And that’s when you bring in copywriters.

(Human ones. We both know you’ve looked at AI. But JKC  guarantees* that none of out writers are even slightly related to Skynet.)

Writer shed


That’s not the collective noun for writers**. We just have a slightly daft office that’s got more than an air of sheddiness about it (management insists it’s a “Norwegian Log Cabin”; others remain less convinced). But inside you’ll find some smart, experienced writers who can turn their hands to writing about everything from forklifts to air conditioning to swimming pools to nature conservation.

If you’ve read this far, you’ve probably got something that needs some words, and we have some people who can do some words for your thing.

Sounds like a pretty good fit.


We mainly work in the B2B space, so we’re well-versed in crafting everything from case studies and white papers, to blogs, eshots, web copy, print ads, brochures, flyers, product specs, and a million other things that need some words to exist.

So whatever you’re working on, avoid the headache of trying to remember how to use a semicolon, or if you mean license or licence. Save yourself from insomnia caused by your fifth cup of coffee in the last two hours that was actually just another excuse to step away from the empty document on your screen.

Strategy board
Social illustration


It’s a never-ending cycle of posting on social media. We’re well aware of that. And even if you’re aiming to get your video and image content out there (which we can also help with), you’ll need some words to go with it.

We can capture you brand’s voice and tone, and tailor your messages for each platform. Because we know what words work well where, we’ll make sure you’re speaking to the right people the right way .

*We’re 99% sure. There’s always a chance. 23andMe doesn’t check for super-intelligent artificial neural networks yet.

**It’s probably something twee like “a chapter of writers”, isn’t it?

How hard can writing be? After all, most of the words are going to be 'and,' 'the,' and 'I,' and 'it,' and so on, and there's a huge number to choose from, so a lot of the work has been done for you.
Miss Beedle

Snuff — Terry Pratchett

Copywriting illustration

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