Over a long and award-winning career in advertising and public relations – working for many blue chip clients in the B2B sector – John has earned a reputation for his inspirational ideas, wisdom and integrity.

A highly talented copywriter and the agency’s leading strategist, John gave the agency its name and, over the years, a reputation for great insights, highly effective campaigns… and for a willingness to go the extra mile on behalf of every client.

John Knowles
Founder and Director

As our lead Account Director, Cat has more than ten years’ experience in client liaison and communications management, bringing to her role a diverse range of marketing skills allied to an unerring instinct for what will really work.

Highly organised and motivated, she is loved and respected in equal measure by clients who appreciate her tenacity, energy and ability to get things done. With Cat, it’s all about the results.

Cat Allen
Account Director

At the hub of our organisation sits Sarah, our Financial Director and HR specialist. Her wit, wisdom and administration skills are legendary. So too is her ability to maintain and control client budgets so that everything remains on track and with no surprises.

Her dedication to fitness and running jaw-droppingly long distances is matched only by her insight and ability to remain calm, even when solving the most baffling problems.

Sarah Cave
Finance Director

Accordionist. Mountaineer. Sculptor. These are just some of the words Dave knows as a copywriter.

As something of a Swiss Army Knife in the creative team, Dave’s work covers everything from copy, video, graphic design, audio, web editing and more.

So if you have something you *really* need doing, then to be honest, Dave’s probably quite busy… but he’ll see what he can do.

Dave Chong

It’s not every day that an Archie comes along. And at 6’2” he’s very long… so long in fact that we even made up a new role just for him: Junior Copywriter. A virtuoso tuba player with the Porthleven Town Band, it’s already being said his writing is hitting the right notes (and that’s not just him blowing his own trumpet).   

Archie Lees
Junior Copywriter

Cornish as jam first, Ethan heads up our social media marketing activity. As analytical as he is fanatical about connecting every client to ever-expanding and utterly engaged audiences, Ethan is also keen supporter of Liverpool FC.

With Ethan on your side, you’ll never work alone…

Ethan Walker
Social Media Manager
Natasha Smith

Working alongside our Finance Director, Tash provides indispensable support by keeping an eagle eye on the numbers and making sure everything adds up.

Her exceptional enthusiasm, organisation, statistical skills and great attention to detail ensure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.

Natasha Smith
Accounts Assistant
Sarah Lawrence

Every business needs a Sarah… but we’ve yet to meet her match when it comes to organising colleagues in a way that makes them feel so empowered and so enthusiastic.

Combining efficiency with endless good humour she makes sure everything is where it needs to be: on time, every time. As our media liaison specialist, that means getting the right story onto the right desk to maximise coverage of your message.

Sarah Lawrence

If you want to message us, but don’t know who to aim the message at — just use

General Enquiries
(Not an actual General)

Bow is one of the best respected members of the JKC team (she has claws and teeth… and isn’t afraid to use them).

Originally our packaging specialist – “no box is too small” – she now plays a very active role in monitoring the agency’s office equipment. Colleagues can expect routine and entirely unannounced interventions on keyboards, filing trays and recently vacated chairs. Resistance is futile.

Bow is currently campaigning to make the premises a safe space for cats.

Keyboard Assessor

As a junior member of the accounts department, even his fiercest critic* could never accuse Loki of lacking enthusiasm.

One of the newest and hairiest members of the team, Loki’s role is to maintain company morale. Indeed, a few moments in his company is guaranteed to make any colleague forget their problems or, indeed, how they ended up, once again, engulfed in a fur storm.

*That would be Bow

Life Coach

A Corfiot by birth, Bara shares a lack of ‘recall’ with the most senior member of the JKC team (along with a deep love of treats).

Her therapy skills are matched by her unflagging determination to organize the office recycling bags (from the inside).

Loves chicken (dead or alive) and “Rabbit Watch” on Pets At Home TV.